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Holistic Pain Management Through & Through

pain management near me

It is not so easy to talk about pain if you have not gone through what others continue to endure. But you never know. It could happen to you. Because in preparation for New York or Chicago or LA, what if you are out on one of your LSD – long, slow, distance –runs and you suddenly get a second wind and against all coaching advice, you end up stretching yourself to the limits, so much so that you end up injuring yourself quite severely.

So, good bye LA. Good bye Chicago. Good by New York City Marathon and no more I did it my way sing along songs. So much for the no pain, no gain mantra. Just ask Dwayne Johnson. Or Arnold. Just ask the great Alberto Salazar or Boston Billy. It has always been a myth. But when you do get injured somewhere down the line always remember to recite to yourself that there is always pain management near me.

Help is at hand. And because pain management therapists are slowly but surely turning the wheels on holistic pain management these days, you can rest assured that they are going to go very easy on the cortisone. The chances are very good that you may not even need it. But yes, in extreme cases, it will be used. Spare a thought for those poor people who are going through a great deal more pain than you may never in your life have to go through.

Because by exercising regularly, but not overdoing it, and looking after your diet, you are, in essence, practicing your own version of preventative medicine. And as for those of you who like to smoke things up a bit, just forget about it. You need a prescription for that.